First and foremost, I am shamelessly stealing this from Patrick McKenzie’s website.

Like Patrick, I was once a shy developer who had (has?) a fear of annoying people by contacting them. It’s something I’ve constantly been working on for the last few years, and while I still struggle occasionally, I’ve also noticed its a common theme in a lot of my fellow developers / entrepreneurs.

So this is my standing invitation: if you want to talk software, business or marketing, I want to talk to you.

My email address is johnathon.mathews@ any domain I own, including You can also find me on Twitter, GitHub, and Linkedin.

  • I enjoy getting emails. I am far more consistent at replying to emails then I am my social networks. Please feel free to reach out, you’ll never send me something that will cause me to think poorly of you as a person or make fun of you to my friends or my enemies for that matter.
  • I’m an avid reader, of all things. Hacker News, Reddit, MSN, Digg are consistently in my browser history. So if you write something worth reading please tell me. There’s no downside, the worst thing that could happen is I don’t read it.I’m currently a full-time developer, but before that I managed a start-up’s development team, ran my own agency and currently own and manage a number of small side software projects, so a non-exclusive list of things that might be relevant to my interests are, software development, eCommerce, big data, conversion optimization, user experience, marketing, sales etc.
  • Unlike Patrick, I don’t attend a whole lot of conferences at the moment. However, if you ever are attending a major music festival on the West Coast you might want to reach out to see if I am attending. (See, EDC, Coachella, Life Is Beautiful, Lost Lake etc).
  • If you read my; About Me page, I recently moved to San Diego, before that I was in Scottsdale, Arizona and Seattle, Washington before that. I am always looking to meet people who are in the San Diego area. So if you are in San Diego, and want to talk about any of the above subjects I’ll buy you a coffee, no questions asked.

I am not a huge fan of phone calls, ask my own family, even for them it is difficult to get me on the phone. Your best bet is to reach out digitally.